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380W Beam Light

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Input voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Power: 550W Light source: OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 371W,7800K
Bulb life: 1500 hours
Beam Angle: 0°~2°
Color disk: 13 color plates + white light, half color effect, color plate can be positioned arbitrarily
Pattern disk: 11 pattern disk + white garden, with pattern dithering and pattern arbitrary positioning function
Prism: one 24 prism, working double order 8+16 floor mirror, can be bidirectional rotation, superposition combination and macro function
Atomization: 0%~100% uniform soft light atomization effect
High speed stroboscopic: Mechanical stroboscopic, pulsating, asynchronous, synchronous, random slow-medium fast, up to 20Hz, you can choose random stroboscopic or pulse stroboscopic
Electronic focus: 0%~100% electronic linear focus
Horizontal scan: 540(°16bit precision scan), vertical scan: 270(°16bit precision scan)
Control channel: 16/20 channel
Communication protocol: standard DMX512 protocol, RDM two-way communication technology
Control mode: self - walk, DMX512, voice control, master - slave, manual
Interface standard: 3-pin XLR(Optional 5-pin XLR)
Menu display: LCD touch screen, Chinese and English language can be switched at will, the font can be reversed 180° display, touch the key two operation modes
Ambient temperature: -20° to 45°
Protection level: 1P20
Size: 280×330× 620(mm)
Net weight: 17kg

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