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    Discos, nightclubs, bars, slow bars

    Nightclub refers to all kinds of nightlife entertainment places.
    Nightclubs vary in nature and definition around the world, but they are generally dance-related, and the clientele is mostly adults who drink alcohol. Some area nightclubs, with dance floors, bands or DJS, offer cabaret shows. Others hold parties, group activities, etc.
    【 disco 】 Also known as the disco. To dance, and KTV the biggest difference is that the disco is bungee di, KTV is singing.
    With the development of the entertainment industry, many KTV combined with the function of the disco, prepare some very hi songs in the private room, for the guests to use. The disco is also diversifying.
    【 Bar 】 English Bar(or Pub, tavern) refers to a place that provides beer, wine, wine, cocktails and other alcoholic drinks.
    : refers to an entertainment bar that provides live performances by bands or singers, professional dance groups and "dancers". The high-end Bar and the bartenders make amazing fancy drinks.
    D and tavern refer to a predominantly alcoholic British pub. Bars come in many shapes and styles, from the most down-market "dive bars" to elegant venues that entertain the social elite
    The Bar originally originated from the west tavern during great development of American West, and only by the word "bar" did it exist in 16th century, and then with the development of The Times, the place providing entertainment shows and other services is integrated into our country in 1990s.
    Slow Roll Bar is a new concept of the bar, it effectively integrates trendy music and bar culture.
    Characteristics of slow rock bar: it is different from quiet music bar, because it has distinct characteristics; It is also not a warm disco square, because its rhythm is relatively moderate; It is not deduction, because it has ambiguous mood and Club style communication.
    Current situation of slow Rock bars: Slow rock bars can be roughly divided into three categories:
    Color bar
    The first is a typical slow bar, where music is integrated into the whole bar and guests can dance near their seats.
    The second is to set up a small stage (pool) with performance, lead class. Guests can enjoy a drink and participate in various activities at any time;
    The third is the independent interaction mode between the seating area and the dance area. Guests can dance at any time, but also quietly make friends, drink and chat in the side.
    Slow Bar Music Style:
    The style of slow rock music is diversified and stylized with strong randomness. It leaves space for others to imagine in the gap between tunes and pays attention to the release of scene atmosphere. With HIP-HOP, HOUSE, R&B, there are also a string DISCO, slow rock bar soul is the scene DJ, the most attractive music is playing hard to get style music, completely by the DJ to create the atmosphere. (The idea is to use music to push you to a high, pull you down, and then push you on.)
    The development of slow bar: at the end of last century ~ the beginning of this century, in the domestic economy developed and other places, some white-collar people gradually no longer like to those too noisy Di bar, and in the too quiet traditional bar can not boldly vent the depression of work. Smart operators began to change the business model, thus, the slow bar, a cross between the disco bar and the traditional bar, emerged and quickly swept the country, becoming one of the most fashionable entertainment.

    Bar classification
    1, the main bar: audio-visual equipment is relatively perfect, and equipped with enough counter stool, drinks, cups and bartending equipment and other kinds of complete, proper decoration, prominent characteristics.
    Another feature of many main bars is the performance of bands with their own styles or the offering of darts games to guests. Most customers come here to enjoy the music, the wine and the uninhibited human interaction
    Fun, therefore, to the bartender's business technology and cultural quality requirements.
    2, lounge: This bar form in the hotel lobby and the most common dance hall, decoration generally does not have any prominent characteristics, mainly to manage drinks, in addition to provide some beautiful snacks.
    3, service bar: is a bar set in the restaurant, the service object is also mainly to dinner guests. Chinese restaurant service bar is relatively simple, wine types are more domestic.
    Western restaurant service bar is more complex, in addition to have a complete variety of western wine, bartenders also have a comprehensive wine storage and service knowledge.
    4. Banquet bar: The bar is arranged according to the banquet standard, form, number of people, hall layout and guests' requirements, with strong temporary and mobility.
    5. Take-out bar: It is a bar set up temporarily in a certain place, such as embassy, apartment, scenic spot, etc., according to the requirements of the guests.
    6, multifunctional bar: mostly set in comprehensive entertainment places, it can not only for lunch, dinner dinner guests is for dining wine service,
    Can also enjoy music, jumping, karaoke, fitness and other different needs of the guests to provide a complete variety of different styles of drinks and services. This kind of bar combines the basic characteristics and service functions of the main bar, lounge and service bar.
    7, billiards bar: bar and billiards club perfect combination. Billiards + bar, which as the focus, according to the cultural environment.
    8, theme bars: the more popular "Oxygen Bar" (Oxygen Bar), "InternetBar) and so on are called theme bars.
    The obvious feature of this kind of bar is to highlight the theme, to provide themed special services, and drinks are often placed in the next order.

    Overview of bar lighting design
    The bar lighting is a problem that can not be ignored in the design. The beauty of the environment can directly affect the mood of human beings, which must be in the way of lighting to move the mind. The type of light, the luminosity, the color, and the amount of light to achieve what effect are all very delicate questions. Lighting often has a gradual process, like graceful body posture or curved mood, in the light to see the dark in the dark to see the light, different angles to look at the stage the same vase to obtain different sensory pleasure. The knowledge of light setting is to see the ridge side into the peak, let a person feel changes and difficult to capture the beauty.
    Bar lighting design presents more extensive and complex forms of expression, cookie-cutter design has been unable to meet the requirements of The Times, so lighting creativity and innovation become the most important bar design. The innovation of bar lighting design needs to grasp the main characteristics of the bar and make use of the relevant factors of bar design flexibly. People's design of bar lighting is not simply to consider how to row lamps, lamps to what color, but to pay attention to the overall shape of the novel, reasonable. Among them, the theme of the composition is prominent and appropriate distribution, as well as the coordination of lighting brightness, light color and shadow contrast, reasonable location distribution, the level and direction of direct lighting, transmission and diffusion, as well as the arrangement of strong and weak light, control mode and direction, speed, integration with the surrounding environment of the bar, production and installation standards and convenient, easy maintenance, reasonable cost, high safety, Comply with relevant standards, policies, regulations and other comprehensive factors.
    Bar lighting design is not a single independent individual, but the integrated use of aesthetics, optics and other knowledge, we need designers in the space design constantly thinking.
    Bars not only need high-quality music, but also need professional lighting to match the performance, embellish and render the environment atmosphere. To build an excellent bar must be a good lighting design as a guarantee, otherwise it is difficult to reach a higher level. Through the selection of installation location, the stage and dance floor will be fully illuminated. The lighting takes care of the area primarily the stage and dance floor and radiates throughout the hall. Through the reasonable use of various lighting effects to foil the atmosphere with a strong sense of rhythm, rendering sound shock effect. General lighting and sound coordination make the disco to achieve a climax of the lively atmosphere, giving a person a relaxed, active feeling. The application of lighting should not only consider the cheerful and warm crazy song and dance, but also be able to cooperate with the soft and slow dream effect when the light song and dance, so that the whole system to achieve the best artistic effect.
    Bar for most office workers is a kind of pressure catharsis and release, so the design of the bar should be appropriate exaggeration, especially the lighting should be slightly exaggerated on the basis of not too stimulating people's eyes, gorgeous point, give people that kind of relaxed feeling, a kind of want to indulge the feeling. The choice of music in the bar is also very important, because music can give a person's hearing a beautiful enjoyment, let a person's spirit instantly better. The choice of disco music in the bar is generally POP style, because the style of POP music is simple, plain and wild. Has always been a favorite of the Chinese people.

    Bar lighting design instructions
    Design of light system for slow shaking bar
    Design function: Entertainment activities, singing and dancing.
    Design principles: Mainly consider the reliability, advanced, applicability, rationality, and after-sales service of the system and equipment configuration.
    Principle of equipment selection:
    1, light weight, small volume, small motor noise, good heat collection, high luminous efficiency, reliable performance.
    2, accept the international standard DMX512 signal control, suitable for any DMX communication protocol console.
    3. Focus on process design, forward-looking planning and investment focus of the project, realize intelligent lighting, digital equipment selection,
    Lighting programming professional, diversified, construction management standardization, standardization.
    4, low power consumption, less number of lamps, to avoid the waste of capital and space.
    5, lamp pattern color change and dynamic change to meet the music, dance service,
    The selection of lamps and lanterns with patterns change, color change, dynamic strong as the main characteristics.
    Design idea: mainly consider the reliability, advanced nature and rationality of the system configuration:
    1, the reliability of the system configuration: In order to ensure the reliability of the lighting system, choose the lighting equipment with reliable quality.
    The system has the stability, reliability and security of long-term continuous operation.
    2. Advanced system configuration: In the design of lighting system, full consideration should be given to the needs of continuous development and upgrading of lighting technology in the future
    The scalability and compatibility of the system meet the needs of users for future lighting expansion and technology upgrade due to the increase of scale.
    3. Scientific and rational system configuration: In addition to considering its reliability and advanced nature, lighting system design must also consider whether the system is scientific, reasonable and practical.
    4, easy to operate: in the use of flexibility and easy to operate;
    5, practicability: the system has the ability and level to complete the required functions of the project, the actual needs of the symbol project and the requirements of the relevant norms at home and abroad, and it is easy to realize, convenient to propose;
    6. Consistency: The system follows the principle of open system, and the equipment is selected according to the consistency of technical parameters and interchangeability, so that the equipment has good flexibility, compatibility and expansibility;
    7, economy: the system can meet the cost performance in similar systems and conditions to achieve the best, choose the best cost performance equipment, through optimization design to achieve the most economic goal;
    8, the lighting system has a certain advance, the function should be perfect, meet the performance, dance, all kinds of recreational activities and other requirements. And can be used for 5 years without falling behind.
    Design basis:
    1. Relevant materials provided by Party A
    2. Functional requirements for design and use provided by Party A
    3, safety regulations: lighting system standards stipulated by the state and related personal safety,
    Fire protection regulations. The use voltage, installation, cable selection, and pipe routing of the power box or box must comply with the personal safety regulations. The installation of the power supply and equipment in this system should also comply with the fire related regulations.
    4. National standards related to stage lighting:
    General Technical Conditions for Film and Television Stage Lamps GB/T14076-1993
    Code for Electrical Design of Civil Buildings JGJ-T16-92

    Bar lighting selection
    1, shaking head computer lights (including: shaking head beam lights, shaking head pattern lights, shaking head dyeing lights, etc.):
    Through the computer lamp console programming, control the color, pattern and movement of the computer lamp changes; Under the flexible use of lighting division, follow the rhythm of music to achieve synchronous action, so that the guests to a higher aesthetic realm, into a cold sad or happy happy intoxicated passion atmosphere. With the intensity of the rhythm of the music, the lighting division uses the brightness, color, distribution and movement of the light to play the internal mood of the light, and constantly updates various combinations of light, patterns and colors to achieve harmony between the light and the music content.
    2, laser light: can produce realistic gorgeous effect, strengthen the lighting artistic effect.
    3, smoke machine: used on the stage, slow dance, dancers like flying clouds, light and ethereal, scene blend,
    Very affectionate painting. When dancing, the dancer's lower body slowly rolling smoke and upper body strong twisting dance posture
    Into a strong contrast, is a beautiful scenery line, more vividly depict the wonderland resort special effect.

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